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Nursery Environment

Our nursery environments and resources help our children to develop in all areas of learning. We carefully choose our play equipment to stimulate a child’s natural curiosity, exploration, play and imagination.


We use Treasure basket play that allows Babies and Toddlers to investigate and explore a variety of everyday objects. These can include items such as wooden spoons, fabrics, wooden spoons, different types of brushes and a whole range of everyday items.


Our Role Play areas help children understanding the world around them. They provide children with activities and opportunities that reflect their personal experiences both past and present. They may be a vets, doctors, dentist, hairdressers or a travel agent. We often link this to a child’s interest at the time.


Mark making activities are available in all areas of the nursery, both indoors and outdoors and include not only making marks with pencils and crayons but also using sand, cornflour or playdough. Mark making helps develop a child’s early writing skills. Older children are encouraged to write lists such as shopping, or a menu or writing and posting a letter in the post boxes we have in Toddlers and Pre-School.

Each Playroom has a range of blocks, which helps develop imagination, creativity, mathematical and physical skills. Block play helps children experiment with concepts such as design, balance and building and we always have a range of other small world resources on hand to add to block play such as animals, people and vehicles which help children extend their play experiences.


Outside we have a range of play activities to promote all areas of the curriculum. We also take outdoor resources and equipment outside as we believe and understand that spending time outdoors is very important to keep healthy.


As you visit the nursery we will show you all our play areas and show you the range of resources and opportunities we provide for the children.