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Parent Partnership

We believe that parents of children should be centrally involved in their child’s experiences and development as parents are the first educators of their child.


We believe in Parent Partnership and that sharing information is a two way event. To share information with parents we use a number of ways. We invite parents to tell us about what your child has been doing at home, if they are developing in a particular skill perhaps. We invite parents into nursery for workshops and share information on our website. Parents are given feedback each evening where significant events will be shared with you.


In addition each child has their own Learning Journal which is looked after by your child’s Key person. Your child’s journal records your child’s interests, significant achievements and development during their time with us, and is available for you to take home when your child leaves to remind you of their time at nursery. Parents are welcome to look at their child’s Journal at any time.

We also believing in sharing information with parents around a whole range of child related subjects and do this through newsletters
and our website.